A Community Committed to Educational Enrichment & Raising Youth to Thrive

BELONGING & CONNECTEDNESS is the name of the game! It’s a great unmet need of our time. Any truly transformational youth work must create a radical sense of belonging by directly building personal and collective connectedness in the lives of its youth—close connections to other people and deep connections to transcendent meaning. It must nurture—and often outright create—a strong sense of physical place and of shared history and tradition. It must bestow cherished memories to root and guide a lifetime.

Vine Corps creates community life focused on 12 – 24-year-olds that fosters growth and becomes a transformational force in their lives. We pursue a comprehensive, holistic and ecological understanding of each youth, family and community that joins us. Further, as we acquire a deepening understanding of how particular circumstances influence youth development locally, we apply it by working to establish specific, integrated structures necessary for neighborhoods to become truly nurturing, invigorating places for all to grow up.